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Thread: Top collection of hot and rare videos - scatshop

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    Your First Scat Experience - - scatshop

    Youve always dreamed of trying scat well now all your dreams are going to come true… I tease you with my ass before telling you i want you to drink my pee and eat my shit…
    I pee a yellow stream as i push out warm scat.. before showing you in and breaking you off a small piece to try…
    I then smear two lines onto my bra cups and autograph it…
    Now im going to tell you exactly what to do with it… From smelling to licking to chewing inside that mouth and cumming as you swollow…
    You love having my shit inside your mouth dont you…
    I say name in this
    #scat #toiletslavery #poop #poo #evamarie88

    Duration: 14 min 49 s
    Resolution: 1080 x 1 920
    Format: MPEG-4
    Size: 639 MiB
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    Creamy shit the gift for toilet mouth - - scatshop

    The view of the descending ass on the mouth and face of the slave is fascinating. My girlfriend beckons hairy crotch toilet slaves. They look like rabbits from below at her chocolate eye of the anus and obediently open their mouths letting in the creamy shit. Lady’s shit is a gift for a slaves. The shit of Mistress tastes like the sweetest treat in the world. A soft, enveloping mass of shit fills the mouth of the toilet slave and he flies to nirvana from happiness. Are you ready to open your mouth and serve as a living toilet.
    1. Let creamy shit slide in your mouth
    My girl friend is very hairy. She has a hairy cunt, legs, armpits. She loves to use the mouth of toilet slaves as a full toilet, forcing they to drink urine and eat her shit. A strong stream of urine hits directly into the toilet, splashing. Her ass shrinks, giving out more and more soft fragrant shit. She fascinates, lures you shit-eaters, it's so magical that you want to insert your tongue into her ass and let the creamy shit slide right into your mouth. Oh Yes, she loves to shit in her mouth, she cums from it, gets the strongest orgasms.
    2. Open mouth, I'll piss and shit in
    I had to go home, not to waste the urine and shit. I have a delicious, hairy pussy. Open your mouth, I'll piss in it without taking off my underpants. Now they're wet, they smell like piss, they smell my pussy. Wash them in your toilet mouth later. Now get ready, I want to shit, open your toilet mouth. Yes, what bliss. My shit is so soft and creamy, it just slides in your mouth. Yes, take more, fill your fucking mouth with my cream shit. And don't forget when you swallow, lick my ass clean. Brush your tongue deeper, penetrate my ass.

    Duration: 15 min 30 s
    Resolution: 1080 x 1 920
    Format: MPEG-4
    Size: 1.26 GiB
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